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Got to fork a version of the software from before the license change, then.

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And beyond that, it is open source. It is fucking impossible to revoke the license once given, they can just use the versions up until that update.

But yeah, people and companies will not stop working with the federal government over something this small. The more likely result will be a forking of the software to maintain the previous license and the fork will eventually be more popular than the original version. OpenSSH is probably the greatest single example of that happening.

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The project removed the contributor who changed the license and they've reverted it to plain old MIT. One guy on the team was nuts. Thankfully the rest of the team corrected it.

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Jamie Kyle, an open source developer and one of the lead programmers on the Lerna project, wrote in a statement. “It’s not news to me that people can use open source for evil, that’s part of the whole deal. But it’s really hard for me to sit back and ignore what these companies are doing with my code.”

On Tuesday, Palantir responded to Kyle’s comment thanking him for his contributions to Lerna and other open source projects. “We appreciate your concerns based on the article you linked to,” a Palantir representative wrote. “We would like to clarify that Palantir’s contracts are with Homeland Security Investigations, the ICE directorate responsible for investigating serious transnational criminal activity such as human trafficking, child exploitation, and counter terrorism as opposed to the activities theorized in the article.”

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The following license shall not be granted to the following entities or any subsidiary thereof due to their collaboration with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement ("ICE"):

  • "Microsoft Corporation"
  • "Palantir Technologies"
  • "Amazon.com, Inc."
  • "Northeastern University"
  • "Ernst & Young"
  • "Thomson Reuters"
  • "Motorola Solutions"
  • "Deloitte Consulting LLP"
  • "Johns Hopkins University"
  • "Dell Inc"
  • "Xerox Corporation"
  • "Canon Inc"
  • "Vermont State Colleges"
  • "Charter Communications"
  • "LinkedIn Corporation"
  • "United Parcel Service Co"


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The project has booted off the crazy guy and reverted the license to plain old MIT.

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They realize that Microsoft can buy them with the change they find in C Level office furniture, right?

Also, where was the outrage when Obama was doing the same things?

Edit - how does banning companies from using your open source software via the license work? Is that even possible? The only way I know of where he'd have any standing is if it was website code. But to see that, he'd have to be able to access the server it is on and this program doesn't sound like something these companies would have on a server accessible from the internet...

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They never Lerna.

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A tool for managing JavaScript projects with multiple packages.

I don't think they are that important or major.

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