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Japan is getting increasingly cucked as the days go by. I used to believe that their racial pride would prevent them from going the way of the west, but after electing and accepting half black or half indian beauty pageant within the last five years, there's no doubt that the Japanese mentality will resemble that of the west pretty soon.


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when you cherry-pick quotes, sure. i appreciate devs of all origins so long as they make good games. i don't buy games with an sjw agenda/undertones, and those quotes don't reflect western devs (or japanese devs) accurately as a whole. there are shithole devs that want to force their views on people (and video games are a great medium for that) but they aren't all like that. there are still devs/studios that just want to make games that are fun to play.


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You could have just named the ones you think are not imbeciles.

There's no context the US quotes could fit in that would make these ones look like mature adults.


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im not saying the quotes are good in any context. context has nothing to do with it. the japanese quotes aren't very impressive, either. changing a game because of fan outrage? i'd rather support a dev that is making the game they want to make and ignoring naysayers. i'm not defending the "west" quotes, i'm just saying that there are bad apples on every side of the pond. these are quotes from bad apples. a very small selection of quotes.

edit: also, notice how there are more people pictured on each side than the number of quotes? that doesn't look fishy or agenda-driven at all /s