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NeoGAF goes down after sexual harassment allegations prompt admin/moderator exodus | PCGamesN

'While NeoGAF had its own official Discord server, it was - like its parent site - an invitation-only affair. ', "Joining the admin/moderation stuff, NeoGAF's community is scattering far and wide, with some other major games forums seeing mass sign-ups in the past few hours, with Waypoint in particular seeing a large number of arrivals welcomed with open arms."

'Prolific and popular gaming forum NeoGAF (formerly the Gaming Age Forums, founded in 2006) is currently offline at the time of writing, and it might not be coming back this time. ', "There has also been talk among some of the former NeoGAF staff of creating a successor site, although it's questionable whether a major gaming new forum could flourish in the present climate."

' While great to see gaming communities (and the greater public) no longer willing to stay silent or sweep things under the rug in situations like this, it feels like it may be some time until communities reform under better leadership. '

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NeoGAF is collapsing in on itself.

NeoGAF is dead, gamer culture still remains.