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Deliberately posting content in order to humiliate someone

Gotta love deliberately vague rules that allow moderators to decide your motivation for you. This is just vague enough to ban all reaction videos that disagree with the person they're responding to.

Tell an adult if you remain concerned about another’s actions towards you online



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Making hurtful and negative comments/videos about another person

This is the scariest part for me. Who decides what is hurtful or negative? A lot of people do response videos to crazy SJW types, nearly all of them could be construed as negative of the original video.


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dude I know, sad to see people defending this right now.


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I want to say this too. Do you think that your videos and comments that are negative about Obama, Hillary, Cruz, Trump, Bernie, Muslims, Chinese... etc are safe? They are not. They are going to be flagged too because these are also people.

Videos and Comments made by great content creators that have been disproving and Exposing horrible people like Zoe, Anita, Angry Joe, Alison, Flynt and MANY MORE are at this moment VULNERABLE under the new Community Guidelines and if that Great Content Creator has made 3 or more videos that violate these new rules. Expect that Creator on youtube to be gone off of youtube. I know many I mean MANY of the youtubers who grew out of this hashtag have broken these rules. Even my video on Alison and Kutchera will be effected if FLAGGED. I prepared for this. I already have back ups and my Alison video is already uploaded to dailymotion.

Consider the following:

Person A: Says something about you on twitter(keyword) and it starts a HUGE thing on youtube(area effected).

(you) Person B: Start getting upset and you disprove it on your youtube channel(area effected).

Person A: on twitter(keyword) Flags your youtube(keyword) video because it says negative things about them or (yeah this is you) Person B used their real name that Person A put on their twitter profile(posting personal information breaks the rules too even if its public already on youtube now)

Person A: is now SWAG AS FUCK

(you) Person B: has to deal with a strike on their youtube channel that automated by BOTS.

Good fucking luck.

Update: Big youtubers who went to the Youtube Summit wanted these rules on youtube. https://twitter.com/pewdiepie/status/744803458079825920

for those who think I am smoking the crackpipe why dont you talk to tl;dr about it. https://youtu.be/VIpMgh7aY74 (00:35)tl;dr shows a privacy complaint that he received for displaying a person he disagreed with's Publically available Twitter Profile and Real Name that was also linked to every single news organization.

Keep in mind his video was older and with these new rules more and more videos will be taken down and strikes will be issued against these people who disagree with others. Consider tl;dr's issues to now be considered privacyissues+ now with armed TEETH.


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This is great! It will become such shit someone will make an alternative.


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I am in favor of this.


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Finally, a solution to cyber violence that I can agree with.


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How much of this is political? Not just in America, but also the rest of the world.

What is wrong with daily motion? I have not had any issues with it, so why are people hesitant to post content there?

Maybe it is time to migrate away from youtube?


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You know, I'm REALLY sick of this shit and as a Liberal/moderate I'm REALLY sick and tired of the super offended cupcakes that have become the cornerstone of liberal politics.

Back when i was younger if you did something STUPID you were called out on it, yes it was a form of humiliation , but it was ultimately positive. You got a few moments of shame, everyone got a few laughs out of it and you were wary about doing stupid shit later on. Everyone won, you got direct and to the point feedback and everyone got a little entertained.

Now if I call out say, Scientology on their bullshit(and there's a mountain of it to work with) or that Anita gave double blowjobs to whoever to get a good game review then BAM, channel strike.

"Making Harmful videos" Is so entirely vague that even 100% accurate criticism can get shut down. This is little more than shutting down free speech entirely, you know what a better solution to videos you find offensive is?

Click the little X on your Chrome/Firefox tab you hyper offended little cupcake

I have to deal with people shitting on my reviews all the time or criticizing my writing, work or any other aspect of me all the time. Do I give a shit? Mostly no, they have a right to say what they feel and I have a right to be corrected and wrong on occasion(like when i called wonder boy a clone of adventure Island when it was the OTHER way around and got called out on it, my bad).

I think it's about high time people ditch youtube. It's become little more than site run by bots and cupcakes that can't take hurtful words.

Also to PewdiePie/other top youtubers supporting this shit: Survey says...youze a bitch.