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Gamasutra - Unreal Engine 4.16 includes fully-featured Switch support

"There's a new version of Unreal Engine landing today, and it comes with a smorgasbord of new features designed to make life easier for game devs."

'To learn more about the latest update, you can sift through the release notes over on the Unreal Engine blog. '

'For starters, the 4.16 update includes new rendering and animation systems, significant performance enhancements for mobile and console platforms, and fully-featured Switch support. '

'But the icing on the cake takes the form of Switch support, with Unreal partnering up with Nintendo to release the full UE4 source code for Nintendo Switch to approved developers for free. '

'A new volumetric fog feature, for example, can be used to automatically render realistic fog and smoke effects with consistent lighting anywhere in a scene. '

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