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While I'm a huge fan of Amazon the permissions are insane on the app, but I wonder if it's theirs or a blanket to cover the possible apps installed.


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I was surprised as well, but I suspect you are right with the latter point.


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The permissions are required so that you, the end user, can perform those actions and use those features in the app. The app does exactly none of them without user input. It's like the whole freakout about the Facebook Messenger app permissions. Like "placing calls" and such. If you don't give the app permission to place calls and you hit the phone button next to your friend's name, nothing would happen, because the app wouldn't have permission to place calls on your behalf. See what I mean?

There's nothing suspicious or confusing about the app permissions. They're asking for so many because it covers apps downloaded through the app. App within an app sort of thing.


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Pretty much what I expected, just pointing it out early since in another thread people were reeling over that informatiom.

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Here's @Northvvait 's post about the permissions this app requires and how it uses them:

People that install it are the product they make money off of.

I just downloaded it and tried to install. Required permissions, wtf editorials are my own:

*Read phone status & identity

*Receive & send SMS messages (WTF)

*Take pictures and videos (WTF)

*Record audio (WTF)

*Approximate location + precise location (meh, targeted ads)

*Read your contacts (WTF)

*Modify or delete contents / read contents of storage

*Accounts (add/remove/create/find/use)

*connect & disconnect from wifi (WTF)

*full network access

*receive data from internet

*view network connections

*view wifi connections

*control flashlight (WTF)

*control vibration

*prevent phone from sleeping

*install/uninstall shortcuts

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And here's my reply to his comment:

They require those permissions so that you can do those things from within the app, or from within apps downloaded through the app. Knowledge is power. This is like the time everyone freaked out about the permissions for Facebook messenger. The app does exactly none of those things without user input.

Gah I wish people understood how apps worked before freaking out.


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Name situations in which the app would need to:

*Forcibly disconnect wifi - or even connect? I will do that myself, if necessary.

*Control your flashlight - I still don't see how an Amazon service will ever need my flashlight.

*Take photos and videos - Uhhh... that's fucking weird

*Record audio - They don't have anything like Cortana, and not many games interact with your voice, so explain this please.

*Receive AND SEND texts - You really think they need to be sending texts for me or you? Why? How do you justify that?