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I thought anything tidal was just a fun idea. The cost of maintenance, I thought was off the charts you know salt and steel plus moving parts and all?

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The article indicates this in a round about way, by stating the value of this resource is in the easy access to the turbine for maintenance. In one year the turbine has produced enough energy to power 830 homes, which is greater than the total energy production of all the tidal turbines in their 12 years of existence. That's an impressive step up in energy production for any level of green energy.

That being said, Scotland has had a lot of success with oil production too, and the unique geographical placement of this turbine isn't found around all coastlines. The water between the Orkney islands and Scotland is quite dangerous, and travel to the Orkney islands is determined on the weather for that day. Even flights can be more dangerous than a boat trip, as well as being notably more expensive than boats.

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Don't they have a permanently active maelstrom/whirpool around there somewhere too?

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I'm surprised they passed Wavestar's installations. Now if we could only pair it with Changing World Technologies TDP to clean the ocean and generate oil with this electicity.

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It is so amazing to think that at every inflection point or bottleneck man rises to the challenge and through our ingenuity innovate our way to success.