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Log out of any Google account you might have. Clear your cache/cookies. Install a Google analytics (Google Disconnect) blocker for your browser... disallow or block cookies from google dot com... and AMAZINGLY Google search will work again. When I say "work"... I mean that you'll get far more relevant results than otherwise.

Same for youtube. All those 'suggested' content types in the right pane go away when Google isn't sure who you are. There are still, suggested videos, but they'll seemingly be based on what you happen to be watching in the moment (logical) rather than on your Google assembled dossier.

Note that this might work even better if you go to a coffee shop or otherwise obfuscate your IP address. Google knows what your IP is too after all.

Also... worth noting that you probably can't completely hide yourself from google even when taking these somewhat extreme actions because your ''fingerprint' on the net... otherwise known as your "User Agent String" is still there. You can obfuscate or otherwise 'spoof' that too... but Bejesus ! Who the hell has time for all that??

This really does work... it's fairly amazing to see the difference in search results for either site, Google itself or youtube.


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All good points. Also supposedly, startpage or ixquick (can't remember which) uses anonymized El Goog under the hood. And if you've already taken all those steps, spoofing your user agent isn't any more work.

Me personally, they pissed me off too badly for me to ever touch their poop again. Even as the rest of the net says "let's rely ever more on the big boys", I refuse. If El Goog was the only source of broadband, I'd go with carrier pigeons.


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I use duckduckgo for 95% of my searches, but I watch a good bit of youtube videos... as I mentioned I keep it as much on the 'down low' as I can... but there's really no 'reasonable' way to remain completely hidden, and still use the internet.

You can't even get through Voat's registration without using Google's captcha integration... that simultaneously, helps Google's AI learn image recognition.