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At least one of the Google employees who smeared the Heritage Foundation and its president is a prominent A.I researcher who has attended tech symposiums at the Obama White House. Meredith Wittaker, co-founder of NYU’s A.I. Now Institute and head of two projects at Google, the Open Research Group and the Measurement Lab, is revealed as one of the most vitriolic opponents of conservative involvement in Google A.I.

Milquetoast normie conservative = alt-right Nazi literally worse than Hitler

“Justifying including bigots in the name of ‘viewpoint diversity’ is, flatly, a dangerous weaponization of the language of [diversity & inclusion]” said Whittaker, who has since helped organize an internal petition against Coles James’ inclusion. “I would note that the argument for viewpoint diversity was at the core of Damore’s memo, and has been used by the alt­-right to argue against diversity efforts that focus on historically marginalized communities.”

And plenty more laughable, evil shit.

Fuck every single one of these pathetic, useless cunts. If they don't want Western civilization, let's put them on a rocket to Africa.

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"Kay Coles James wasn’t included so that she can advise us about how our systems can more effectively oppress the various groups of people who her organization has undeniably advocated against in the past and will certainly advocate against in the future. She was included on that committee so that she can advise us as to why we scare the ever­ living shit out of conservatives and what we can do to ease their fears so they don’t literally end our company’s existence."