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Google's self-destructing email propels users deeper into gray areas shaded by degrees of privacy, security, and even potential skullduggery. Evaporating electronic messages further raise questions of ownership, documentation, and intent. Recipients' ownership rights are diminished if they should fail to copy or secure the content and timestamp receipt of the document. Senders' ownership rights become complete. Individual rights are pressed as unscrupulous types can churn out scams, misrepresentations, outright falsehoods, and even threats potentially without trail and repercussion.

Shades of What Color Are Your Bits?:

This idea of Colour is a problem for communication between those of us who work in the world of computers, where Colour does not exist, and those of us who work in the law, where Colour exists and is important. Lawyers will ask computer scientists questions about how to determine the Colour of bits (like "How can Friend Computer prevent the Commie Mutant Traitors from making illegal copies of files, while still allowing loyal Troubleshooters to use disk-copying equipment?"), and computer scientists will find it difficult to say anything in response that the lawyers can comprehend - because a big part of computer science is about understanding that Colour does not exist. Someone who cares a lot about what Colour the bits are, and spends a lot of resources on trying to answer that question, is a dangerous idiot if not a Commie Mutant Traitor. In intellectual property law the Colour of bits exists and is of absolutely paramount importance. A computer scientist who won't tell what Colour the bits are is being deliberately unhelpful, and a computer scientist who denies the very existence of Colour (as any conscientious computer scientist must eventually do) is a dangerous idiot and/or a Commie Mutant Traitor.

People who like their bits Coloured see others trying to remove the colour from their bits. Their response: 1) Screech autistically 2) Try to make it illegal.

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Coloured bits? ELI5 please, I'm wholly unaware.

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The link explains it well.