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The app for OpenStreeMap is OsmAnd~ It provides guided directions for driving, and it couples near seemlessly with another app called AddresstoGPS.

OsamAnd lets you download the entire map of your state while on WiFi, so you don't use any data while driving. You can also download maps of countries, states, or the entire planet if you so choose.

I agree with talmoridor-x, openstreetmap is a great option.

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Gas station maps.

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MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps

AKA MapFactor Navigator.

Nowhere near as good as Google but it works without data and does have some neat features. You will need storage space to store maps that you have to download. Turn by turn directions in the US seem to be OK. I tried to use the turn by turn in Mexico and it sucked ass, however. Maps are good everywhere. No satellite imaging just basic maps.

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You have MapQuest and a damn Atlas, you millennial plebe

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Time for paper maps every few years. I use OpenStreetMap when I can.

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Learn to read a paper map and chart your own directions. It's not that damn hard. AAA gives out free maps.

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you mean something like wego.here.com?

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Does it do driving directions?

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Ah, the convenient guy.

No. Good luck hanging yourself.