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Google will host a talk next month on the topic of “white fragility,” delivered by a far-left academic who routinely makes racist, blanket statements about white people, even though it prevents the invitation of moderate anti-leftist speakers like Jordan Peterson...

Quelle surprise.

This is a direct violation of Google’s own community guidelines, which calls on employees to “avoid blanket statements about groups or categories of people” and prohibits “pigeonhol[ing] people into categorical boxes based on their belonging to a certain group — whether that’s a legally protected class such as race, gender, sexuality or veteran status — or simply a stereotype about any group of people.”

Silly rabbit, some animals are more equal than others.

Dr. DiAnglo’s work has been praised by far-left Google employee Liz Fong-Jones, who also complained that Google doesn’t allow her to make racist “blanket statements” about white people.

Talk about a fig leaf of respectability. I can't imagine that intolerable lack of freeze peach will last much longer before these brave warriors storm and overthrow El Goog's stranglehold on their precious words.

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Spam the fuck out of "Brown fragility"

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Sure, white men are fragile. If they make a mistake, or fail at something, they can't just lean back on "muh oppression". It's not that the Man is keeping them down. They have to take responsibility for themselves. In a world where people's feefees are primary, it can be depressing.

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How fragile are jews? We're about to find out

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Blacks are so fragile they're still sore about something that happened over 100 years ago. When's the talk on that?

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muh 6 gorillion