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Good commentary at my new favorite site, n-gate:

Some euros assert that technology companies are all out to get you. Hackernews has well-informed and comprehensive knowledge of this specific brand of trickfuckery, since they all worked on it for a living and regard it as an inescapable aspect of human society. Because most of them work at Google or Facebook, they spend the afternoon shitting on Microsoft, for daring to do with desktop-computer software the things that Google and Facebook do on the web and on cellphones.

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A new report published by the Norwegian Consumer Council, Forbrukerrådet, has outlined how the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe, including Facebook and Google, convince users to share their personal data online. The report is titled “DECEIVED BY DESIGN: How tech companies use dark patterns to discourage us from exercising our rights to privacy,” and claims that Silicon Valley tech companies are convincing users to share their personal data through “cunning design, privacy-invasive defaults, and ‘take it or leave it’-choices.”

A good rule in life is to never sign contracts, but just like "shrink-wrap" software licenses, the so-called "agreements" most online services insist you agree to are nothing of the kind.

According to the report, Silicon Valley tech companies appear to have no intention of actually giving users a choice in the information they share, but rather aim to provide an illusion of choice.

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I think they just ask.