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As long as it's encrypted by Apple before uploading it to Google, who cares?

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Google is a multicultural piece of shit scumbag company, don't give them a nickel.

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So your issue is that a multicultural piece of shit company gives another multicultural piece of shit company money?

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They stripe iCloud across several cloud services for redundancy. It's well known and documented in the iOS security white paper which you can find on Apple's Dev site.

That also explains how the crypto works. The various cloud services never get all the data. Only apple can decrypt iCloud data and that also under special circumstances.

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"Coming right off the heels of Apple selling out Chinese customers and telling the US they'll cave if pushed hard enough money wise, AND several security blunders that allows even a 5 year old to "hack" into your imac. It's amazing people take Apple seriously anymore when it comes to security or privacy." (And from what I heard, all customers were sold out to the ChiComs.)

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There has been more than a few 'hmm' moments surrounding iCloud, including how iPhone call history could be extracted from it and how 'deleted' Safari search history is stored in iCloud. Maybe having the likes of Google helping out with cloud wrangling will help Apple avoid such gaffes in the future.

Don't you believe it.