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No young graduate of an elite university leaves campus without knowing that racism is the worst thing in the world, an unforgivable sin, and that the only things that are even remotely as evil as racism are sexism and homophobia. Because companies like Google are staffed almost exclusively by alumni of elite schools — the Ivy League, M.I.T., Stanford, Cal-Berkeley, etc. — the politically correct attitudes promulgated on campus are inevitably imported into the workplace. Thus, when Matthew Sachs (an alumnus of elite Brandeis University) praises “googly values,” these values are the same “social justice” dogmas that he internalized as part of his collegiate education, a set of beliefs held with quasi-religious certainly by most of his college-educated peers within the “ideological echo chamber” at Google.

Do note that, as pointed out by a KotakuInAction commenter:

The NLRB didn't rule on this. The headline is bullshit, whether you're reading it in Wired or Bloomberg. There was no NLRB decision saying Damore was legally fired because Damore withdrew his complaint before they could rule so that he could join in the class-action suit against Google that is currently being formed. What you're reading isn't an NLRB decision, but you're right that it does conform to the expected sociopolitical positions, because it was written by an NLRB attorney who clearly has an issue with Damore and/or his memo.

If you read a story with a headline that says "LABOR BOARD RULES GOOGLE’S FIRING OF JAMES DAMORE WAS LEGAL," which is how Wired captioned it, you're reading FAKE NEWS. This is just transparent agenda-pushing.