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Today, bowing to pressure from the Muslim nation’s leaders, Google has abruptly pulled all gay dating apps from its Play Store in Indonesia. The apps are often the only means gay people, particularly in repressive societies, have to communicate with one another.

The government demanded, and Google complied to, purging 73 LBGT-related apps, including Blued, the largest gay dating app in Asia, from the Play Store.

The government also announced it will move to scrub “gay propaganda” from the Internet.

B-But I thought El Goog was a friend to the oppressed, not the oppressor!

Of course we all know in reality, they'll say a million contradictory things to a million different people, as long as the money rolls in. Hence their American lip service to "freedom" and "muh democracy", while in China rolling over and opening their ass their users' emails and other information for whatever apparatchik comes knocking at their door.

Gosh. I wonder if there's any possibility, however small, that Google is in bed with the RUSSIAN government?

...Nah, that's crazy conspiracy talk.