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In addition, the piece also repeats some demonstrably false claims without any attempt to fact-check them. For example, the piece reports that material regarding Fong-Jones appeared on the web forum Kiwi Farms following the publication of James Damore’s memo calling for more viewpoint diversity at the company, and subsequent reporting by Breitbart News and Vox Popoli.

However, a cursory search of the Kiwi Farms forums reveals that Fong-Jones had been targeted by the site’s users since at least February 2017 — five months before Damore’s memo was written, and long before any coverage of Fong-Jones appeared in the alternative media.

Again with the double standards: A leftist's enemies are a monolith, an indistinguishable howling collective mob, until and unless it becomes more convenient to single them out. Look at the ridiculous lengths CNN went to, blackmailing an anonymous citizen for the crime of making unapproved memes.

Having been called out for racial and political discrimination, Google’s social justice warriors are now complaining that they are the ones being harassed.

DARVO: This isn't some costume! This is a way of life!

As always, it's different when done by the animals who are more equal than others.

Fuck hypocrites, fuck double standards, and fuck Google.