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Google search users are not the customer. They are the product sold to Google’s advertising customers, because they pay nothing measurable monetarily for using search. The real customers in this antitrust market are advertisers and publishers, because their payment and revenue from Google Search is measured monetarily. The Google antitrust problem is monopolization of paid search advertising, not free search.


Some defend Google by saying that unlike the government Google does not have the coercive power of the police or the military. That defense naively presumes that Google’s monopoly power over information can’t be abused to corrupt the Government and use its police powers to favor Google and harm those who oppose Google.

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Started using Brave Browser and Duckduckgo a few weeks ago. I have to admit Brave Browser is slower than Firefox or Chrome (not that it really matters, loading takes a bit longer). Duckduckgo on the other hand usually gets the job done for casual stuff. But is very unviable in the scientific sphere of things. Recall is okay, precision usually not so much

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If you'd told me ten years ago I'd be using Microsoft's search engine over El Goog, I wouldn't have believed you. Nevertheless, Bing is where I start these days. As far as browser speed, all I know is Firefox is getting slower every damn day, and I refuse to use Brave because it's nothing but Yet Another Chrome Skin. If I were independently wealthy, I'd fund development of Lynx 3.0 with PhantomJS a la archive. But really, most of the modern web is cancer. Burn it all down, and salt the earth. Also, use non-browser software as much as possible (hurrah for text-mode RSS readers).

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Try searx. I've found it gives even better results than google, although it is a bit slower.

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and I'd like to add, that Duckduckgo pretty much ALWAYS links to Amazon within the first few results. Thinking of switching...

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Try searx.

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Cry moar, lone downvoting El Goog employee

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Or lone downvoting spergatarian, idgaf