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Cool-it-Fatboy Rule 1 Be Nice, Rule 3 No Trolling "Have you looked around lately? (Assuming you're American) Fat fucks absolutely cannot stop themselves." espresso_patronum 1.1 years ago
ape147 "McDonald's is for niggers. Eating there ensures your physical demise." espresso_patronum 1.1 years ago
Venusaur Rule 1 Be Nice "Not McDonald's fault you dumb fuck, its the people who choose to eat it and not live a healthy lifestyle" espresso_patronum 1.1 years ago
MyDrunkAccount "Dude, crying because your pussy hurts after getting fucked is totally normal." "whining bitch." espresso_patronum 1.1 years ago
Scruffy_Nerfherder Trolling: Save money on food by becoming anorexic espresso_patronum 1.2 years ago
ShamefulAlt Trolling: Pooping in the street is a great way to reduce those costly water bills. espresso_patronum 1.2 years ago
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0fsgivin Rule 1 Be Nice, Rule 3 No Trolling "Take your censoring bullshit back to this site you fucking cunts." espresso_patronum 1.2 years ago
Dylan_Klebold Rule 3 No Trolling "Pulling out is cheaper than condoms. Let me guess, you are a shill for the condom industry." espresso_patronum 1.2 years ago
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dude1986 Rule 2, Spam espresso_patronum 2.4 years ago
the_magic_man Breaking Rule 1 espresso_patronum 2.9 years ago
drakesdoom Breaking Rule 1 espresso_patronum 2.9 years ago
rickyL2016 spam espresso_patronum 3 years ago
AuroraBorealis spam espresso_patronum 3 years ago
samgilbert1987 spam espresso_patronum 3 years ago
freestufflover spam espresso_patronum 3.4 years ago
Lotsoflove88 spam espresso_patronum 3.4 years ago