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And what's their purpose for living?

Buying shit.

That's why they think capitalism is wrong. They have no spiritual core to rely on, so it's all consumerism all the time. Advertising makes that Visa debt card vibrate in their pocket.

They need to learn basic economics desperately, and find a value to their own life. Their own, not some abstract social justice crap.

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Unbridled hedonism tends to flare itself out in a couple of generations typically...We should feel more sympathy for this generation compared to generation past; Apps have ruined sex, gender qualities are hate speech, and if you aren't wholly sustained by others you are somehow inherently guilty of something, somewhere, some time. I hope the swing back from these people's children (if they have any) is not too hard.

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No one ever taught them the value of sacrifice. 'I want. I need. Throw it away.' lifestyles can never last. If you can't afford it now with what you already have, then how can you think it's affordable with money you haven't even earned yet? I don't get it.

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When crippling debt meets crippling social skills, an able body wastes away

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I took out 15 grand of student loans and invested it to return 15% in two years. Being on loans allowed me to apply for low income grants, 3.5K, and 3.3K worth of bursaries. I finished a business degree.

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That's chump change compared to medical school debt.

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Medical school will get you an actual job though. A good amount of Millennials just pissed away money on worthless degrees.