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O'Keefe complains that he's being characterized as a clown.

Well, he is a clown. And a shit. He's digging up some very important news but I really wish he wouldn't be such an ass about it.

His video shows have all the glamour of a supermarket tabloid. They repeat the snippets they get over and over, with annoying camera effects.

He recently posted a phone conversation with a CNN head complaining they got something wrong. The CNN head said something on the order of, "if we got it wrong we'll issue a retraction", and that he'd review it when he got the chance. O'Keefe then badgered him about checking it immediately and damnding he say when he'd issue a retraction. Hitting hard, but less than graceful.

Perhaps the public is so inured to tabloid journalism that news has to be presented that was in order to be paid attention to. Perhaps he's using the same tactics the MSM has made mainstream. I still think it's sad.


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I too saw that video on YouTube and drew the same conclusion from it that you appear to have.
It was with a reporter from the Washington Post. He mentions that conversation here and that ultimately they did not issue a retraction or admit any wrong doing.

James O'Keefe says "I'd like to introduce you to, CNN Supervising Producer, John Bonifield, in Atlanta". I see what the Media is doing here, it could be argued that all James is saying is that this conversation took place in Atlanta, not that john Bonifield is from Atlanta, and the WAPO's Paul Farhi's argument is that James doesn't say where John Bonifield is from (like it fucking matters), but that's just another example of the way the MSM spins shit.