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... given that TOR has been compromised by the NSA

motherfucker the NSA funded TOR in the first place. just like any other tool they use (keyscore, training isis, that kind of thing) they fucked up and it got away from them.

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TOR was originally designed by the US Navy for use in a decentralized computer network for ships...it didn't work out for them so it got pawned off into the private sector. NSA figured the way to crack TOR...they just started running shittons of exitnodes from TOR so almost all of the TOR traffic crossed an NSA controlled node at some point

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Yeah, Tor is not compromised per se.

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Who do you think controls most of the nodes? I'll give you a clue, it's not average joes.

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Wasn’t TOR created by the Air Force? Obviously it’s compromised.

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id like to verify this when I get a chance. I think the "tracker" on the main at least is a just a cookie to remember your theme (colors, language, etc). if all true ill switch to searx, been using ddg for years :(

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Pretty good info in my opinion. I'm switching. I knew DuckDuckGo wasn't perfect, but goddammit the one thing I required was the whole "The browser that doesn't track you" thing. I've been using DuckDuckGo for a few years, time for a change.

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ive been using searx.me and like it

dont know anything about it though

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I've been switching to Searx when I get frustrated with the liberal search results on DDG that are exactly like google. I'm not surprised one bit they're tracking after all.This is just the incentive I needed to dump them. Thanks,

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Iirc ddg pulls search from bing but “anonymously”

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Now DDG has moved onto Yahoo, because Yahoo gave them a better deal than MS. Only problem, Yahoo is powered by Bing, except Yahoo Japan which is powered by Google.

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Qwant - The search engine that respects your privacy


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Use startpage

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No don't use it, especially since it's proprietary, like DDG's servers.

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