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Didn't this happen like 3 years ago? Its why I moved from ADB to ublock then to origin.

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Which is better? Origin or just ublock?

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uBlock Origin

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The problem with AdNauseam is that it clicks all the ads. Now, normally I wouldn't have a problem with this, but in doing so it also means that every script, image, etc is all run and downloaded. This is the opposite of what I want. Zero-day attacks through the browser are very possible, especially with the branch prediction exploits recently.

BLOCK ads. They are a security vulnerability, and even in environments where you don't think you'd have any problems they can cause you security issues. For example: https://www.extremetech.com/internet/220696-forbes-forces-readers-to-turn-off-ad-blockers-promptly-serves-malware

I believe someone like Ford even got caught up by this a couple of years back, as they had advertisements running on one of their sales sites and someone injected a malicious ad into the rotation, causing their customers to be infected with malware.

Even though browsers such as Chrome also sandbox their sessions, those can be broken out of as well from time to time. They have contests where people demonstrate these exploits every year, and every year they manage to pull it off flawlessly.

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I found it rather difficult to set up properly. I don't have alot of computer knowledge

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>people still using shitty ad blockers in 2018

Use AdNauseam.

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Also that "Adblock" is unrelated to "Adblock Plus" or to the original "Adblock" project which died and inspired ABP before Google Chrome or its stupid generic-named extensions ever existed.

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Thanks for the heads up.

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You should say "fuck all of them" and switch to AdNauseum. Whitelist the sites you like, scorch the rest.