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man, i used to play minecraft in its earliest alpha days

that shit was the best

notch ran the show back then, and he blatantly let the pirating community play from stolen copies, because he knew word of mouth would pay back the lost investment

3 people at most worked on the game

and then microsoft bought it at one point...

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1.7.10 was the last update before M$ bought it. I just play that.

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SeaNanners introduced me to it, first game I bought with a CC, I was called an idiot for playing such a stupid game, next week everyone was no-lifing it. Cant remember the last time I opened it. Stopped around the 2nd world was introduced (muh portals). Now there are missions n shiet, free roam survival was the shiet.

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31k blocks up and down... you mean i can have real mountains! Fuck i havent played a video game in months i might have to lose myself building some castles for a while.

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I tried it a year ago. What are the biggest differences between it and Minecraft? One thing I remember is that the minetest is super basic and you have to add mods for stuff like redstone and other features. Has it changed much lately?

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Each update only adds a small number of core features and yeah Minetest is very bare bones compared to MC. There is a repo of "minetest-mods" which are official-unofficial supported mods that are maintained by a dedicated team. Most of the stuff you may want can just be found there.

The biggest differences, IMO, are the near infinite Y axis, fully authoritative servers (end users never have to worry about installing mods for multiplayer), infinite & per-server accounts at no cost, fully cross platform between all devices (no arbitrary division between mobile and desktop, for example) and the fact that it runs more smoothly built on top of C++ and Lua.

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Since it's not Java is it less resource intensive? My computer used to cook running minecraft (2012). Melted the solder on my laptop gpu.

I just installed it on my desktop, using the sub game "mineclone2" haven't played it yet though

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Another Minecraft alternative: https://terasology.org

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Which is actually based on the Minetest engine.

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Mincecraft without the cancer

So a completely black screen then. Sound like fun.