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I never buy DRM stuff anymore. There is enough DRM-free content by now to keep you occupied forever without resorting to piracy. What's funny is that everything on youtube is actually DRM-free (although it's copyrighted, but why would you care). You just need to use a downloader, like youtube-dl (it's in most linux distro's repos) for downloading music and videos off youtube, soundcloud and many other sites.

GoG.com and itch.io are good for games.

Here's a list with more DRM-free stuff.

It's easy to explain DRM to normies most of them just aren't really aware of it. When they mention Netflix or Spotify just tell them that you don't like those that much because you can't access the content offline without a subscription, so basically you're forced to pay the subscription indefinitely, if you want access to the content. Then say that you just don't feel like paying for content with DRM, you actually want to own the stuff that you pay for! They will ask "What's a DRM?" and then you get to explain it to them...


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Thank you kind sir! Nothing attracts corporations' attention like money. And voting against DRM with your money is by far the most effective way to vote!


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disseminate the truth.

take the networks and spectrums back as public utilities

graffiti physical and digital

starve the beast- quit paying for comtrash, TV, and movies

study communications and computer science