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This subverse is a great idea, and is exactly the sort of thing Voat was lacking. We don't want to be Reddit 2.0. This sort of content doesn't get a chance on corporate shitholes like Reddit.

Add one more sub to the list!


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A quick overview of a decent FreeTech setup... I make some compromises sacrificing freedom for practicality.

Hardware to consider when buying new: Purism Laptop, Fairphone 2, open-Wrt compatible router. If old hardware still works, try liberating it as much as possible.

PC OS: Linux with Libreboot

Free PC applications can be found in Linux distro repos and on code hosting sites.

Disk Encryption: LUKS

Get smart on cryptocurrencies.

Gaming: FOSS games (notable games: 0 A.D., Xonotic, Nethack, Dwarf Fortress), Gog because DRM-free, Wine to get many windows games working on Linux, Emulators (Dolphin, PSX2, Higan, Cemu)

Graphics drivers + hardware: Try using the Open drivers. With Nvidia this usually comes with a 10-30% performance hit compared to proprietary drivers. Open AMD drivers are the standard for AMD anyway. So for freedom: AMD > Nvidia (also for processor AMD > intel)

Browser: ungoogled-chromium, Palemoon Brave

Ad-blocker: Ublock Origin

Use your own ad-block filters to block shitty sites and prevent them from getting your clicks, use the pipette mode to remove ads that slip through the cracks and web-UI elements that are annoying. You can still access shitty sites by archiving them: look for chrome extension "archive.is button" to make this convenient with a simple right-click.

Use a reputable proxy with open-vpn and have a look at TOR and I2P and decide for yourself, if they can be trusted.

Search Engines: startpage, searx (best idea but has issues), DDG, swisscows, dogpile

E-commerce: Openbazaar

Video hosting alternatives to YouTube: bitchute, hooktube, liveleak, ipfs

Cloud/Email (Careful here with network security always be up-to-date, do research and be sure to have a firm understanding here to prevent intrusion): OpenCloud, Samba, SSH

Router Firmware: Open-Wrt

Phone OS and Appstore: Lineage OS with F-Droid

F-Droid App "Yalp-store" can be used to install google play store Apps without a google account, although some apps still require google play services. There is a workaround for that.

For laptops with intel processors: disable the Intel Management Engine for more freedom (by doing this you disable something that looks suspiciously like a backdoor).

Never buy a phone or laptop with a locked bootloader.

Fuck Google, Apple and Microsoft.

Don't get overwhelmed, take one step at a time towards more tech freedom. Even if you only do half of this shit, you are way more 1337 than most people. Try doing all of it eventually. The most important first step is to get away from the tech giants.


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Thanks. I didn’t know Dogpile still existed; that has been around a long time. I am slowly gathering ideas and programs to build a really solid Linux image (for everything but focused on Python and machine learning development).


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It's got the word free in it, im in!

I'm also inb4 freedom not free beer! Either way this is something we all need to do, I'm tech savvy but need a good poke with a stick to change.


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You got another sub.


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Thanks for kicking off a new sub! Looking forward to seeing what content you can offer us goats


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Subscribed. Looking forward to to some education here! Thanks, Realhero33.


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You're welcome RoBatten!


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I don't know anything about tech, but I want to atleast learn some basics. figured this is a good place to start.

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