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The last time I tried Hurd was about 3 or 4 years ago. I think I managed to reach a desktop, but wasn't able to do anything afterwards, if I remember correctly.

The Hurd is in principle superior to the Linux kernel, as the Hurd is a micro-kernel, whereas Linux is a mono-kernel. The micro-kernel idea is to have each operation running on its own, so if another operation crashes for some reason, the rest of the Hurd can continue to operate. Drivers and stuff like that would each have their own place, and if they were crap, they would not pull down the rest of the system.

Another important difference is that GNU Hurd is a a GNU project, whereas Linux is not. The people behind GNU Hurd are concerned with Liberty and have that as their priority. Linux people have a different priority: Convenience.

There is another GNU kernel in which you might be interested: GNU Linux-Libre. This is a de-blobbed fork of the Linux kernel, which you can use to replace generic Linux. (There are apt repositories to make installation/upgrade easy.)

All kudos to the developers who contribute their talents and energies to work on Hurd! I hope that it becomes viable for mainstream use soon.


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Probably more free since it won't have any binary blobs in it. You might just buy an old lenovo laptop t420, toss coreboot on it, and try your Hurd kernel.

Won't preform as well as other kernel choices, but at least you are free(Dom).


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I see Hurd as more of a cool experiment in Micro kernels at this point. If you want a mostly free system that will work day to day, use Linux. If you really care about freedom more than hardware compatibility, use Linux-Libre. If you want to tinker around and break stuff for the fun of learning, Hurd could be for you.

I've wanted to try out GNU Guix for a while which I believe uses Hurd. Could be cool but I wouldn't install it on a computer I need for work or anything.


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/me waits for a gnu/Hurd devuan