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Dude, your turban's slipped.

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Cut your hair you damn hippie.

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need a deck swab? im in Central Florida and spearfish!

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So jelly. Im in AZ and our fishing sucks. What I wouldn't give to fish some canals going through your cities.

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i have a c-anal you can fish =)

yeah i might take the kayak out, i dont do much rod n reel fishing, but I do love fish and the water!

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It took a lot of black to censor out OP's gargantuan hooked nose

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That's pretty tasty stuff. Pro Tip NEVER eat Trigger fish. SUCKS SO BAD! Complete WASTE of $35! Stick to the tried and true, mackeral, salmon, Grouper, mahi mahi....stuff that comes in "steaks" when on vacation. If you order Trigger fish, you're going to have an off night.

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I caught these two fuckers at the same time in Virginia near the base.

8 hours... that was it. The biggest thing I caught was a fucking sunburn

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Looks like a beach side BBQ for dinner! Everyone's invited. Lol

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