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Should have killed her, OP.


Hope you heal up fine.


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I would have but I'm tiny, fragile and stuck in a powered wheelchair. I can't even take care of myself as I'm so weak, not sure I'd be capable of murdering the vile blubbersacks!

They'd probably eat me before I could do even the most pathetic amount of damage!!

I promise that if I ever do get ebola, I'll throw up on every fatty I can find though.

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Haha, thank you!

I must say that I really don't love my stories because I have to live them and they kind of suck!!

At least my constant trips to the hospital give me plenty of stories to tell!

Trust me though, watching these disgusting cunts in action is horrifying! I really wish I didn't have to see this shit!


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Awesome read.


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Thank you for sharing. Good story! I am glad you can make light of a crappy situation, I cannot imagine an infected stoma to be anyone's cup of tea. Your hubby sounds like a top notch guy too.

Stay healthy and keep sharing ridiculous fat stories! <3


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Thank you :)

I don't see the point in complaining about things I can't fix. I just look at is as "not dead yet, good enough for me!"

An infected stoma sucks! I can't run my tube feed as it's just too painful. Even doing my fluids and meds is horrible. I had to go back to the hospital yesterday though as the antibiotics aren't working (I have almost no immune system, which doesn't help.)

The scar around my tube split open last night (my genetic condition makes my tissues incredibly fragile) but the Doctor's are too scared to try and treat me as I'm so complicated.

I'm still on antibiotics and have community nurses visiting daily to help me manage the wound but it's a mess. Normally they'd just remove the feeding tube, then cut open and drain the pocket of infection. They daren't try it with me though because of my genetic disorder.

I go back monday for an ultrasound to see how deep the infection goes and then I'll see a gastro doc.

If I need surgery to fix it then they'll have to fly me down to London (where my specialist Docs are) as no other surgeons will agree to touch me because it's so risky.

My husband is amazing! I'd honestly be dead without him, I'm so lucky to have someone like him.

Don't worry, with all the time I spend in hospital (especially as I'm usually on the gastro ward) I see a lot of Ham's that have eaten their digestive system to death!! I'm sure I'll have many more stories to share.

Thanks so much for giving a shit about me though. It means a lot! Take care of yourself!!

*Big hugs* <3 xx


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Hugs back!


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Fantastic read. Thanks for sharing!

Shame I don't see too many fatties to tell stories about here in the midwest.


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How!? I grew up in the Midwest, it's lard central!


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I get the same treatment. There'd be a ham wailing at a new nurse to the point of making her cry about how they haven't been seen and it's been an hour! Well, I'll let you know we're in a hospital in Chicago, I've waited upwards in the er for upwards of 7 hours at most. Everyone assumed I just had a flu or abdominal pain because I'd be in a fetal position. No hams, it's because my liver was rotting inside me, my portal pressure was through the roof, and my brain was soaking in ammonia. Once there was a sweet old man who saw how much pain I was in and asked the nurse to take me first, but he was there for chest pain (shitlord old dude, really nice) Once I was talking with a man who had MS I believe and he was in an electric wheelchair. I'd asked him if he'd ever been harrased about wearing a mask for self protection or for "getting to go ahead when I need my broken toe fixed now even though he's hypoxic!". He said he got it all the time. Every time I was in the er I got death glares from hams because I hobbled back and 'wasn't sick enough since I wasn't in a wheelchair". Well I would be if your fat ass hadn't filled the last one! Sorry for the rant, I know what it's like to have a chronic disease and sepsis blows. I'm glad you're doing better now.