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Q: What do you call a homosexual dinosaur?

A: A dino-sore-ass.

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Since the gene change is caused by frog/lizard DNA (been a while since I read the books), isn't this actually a case of "turning the fricking gay frogs straight"?

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Trannysaurus Rex sounds like a great name for morbidly obese trans-fats. I'm going to borrow that for later.

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FALSE: Their arms are too short to apply lipstick

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Trannysauri oftwn spawn in groups- they apply to each other penially.

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Fucking Canada.. you know.. fuck.. with their metric system and bagged milk, come on.. I mean, really? And they're all like, you know.. right? Seriously, Canada really is gay.

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Trannysaurus rex is because females have shorter arms than men. Ftm trannies have tiny little t res arms compared to real men.