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.#1 on the left -- left leg. Is that Bobby Hill or a self portrait? Is that your work @dumb_comment_bot?

#2 -- making fanny packs cool again, amIrite?

#3 -- I used to like Dale Gribble. Now I'm sad. Also, do these fucks realize King of the Hill was not ironic? I live in Texas, that show is a documentary.

#4 --They only had the right boot at the thrift store. But they had a special on bangs.

#5 -- Mrs. Bean.

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Bitch on the right even has "DADDY ISSUES" written on her calf.

10/10 pic OP.

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why do they all have king of the hill tats lmao

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This is what an escape from the asylum looks like.

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Unlike some people here that just laugh, i get sad when i see this, i get sad for my race, were losing white women so fast and there are no quick solutions.

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I'm not laughing and I don't find this funny in the least

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Well, at least it's the trash that's going to be lost. If we do not die off then we will end up stronger as a result of this.

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I see three separate King of the Hill tattoos. They can't be all bad.

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Beats me why anyone wants permanent graffiti on their body. None of those tattoos looks like something I'd want to see more than once - they're suck with them for life. Art, yes. Amateurish graffiti, no.