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somewhere_under_the_rainbowHey all: as a mod of this page filled with fat and fashion positivity & reality, I am fairly disgusted at the ignorant comments above - some I've seen questioning gender & some regarding "flattering looks." If you do not understand that 1. Gender is most absolutely a social construct (not a biological reality) or 2. We say FUCK FLATTERING as a concept behind what any fat body should wear - then this may not be the space for you. These truths are not up for debate.

Insanity is like a giant cliff on the side of a mountain. Sometimes people do crazy shit but realize their stupidity which is like falling off the cliff but you grabbed hold at the last second and pulled yourself back up to safety within reality. This motherfucker has done jumped off the cliff with a double back flip and there's nothing they can do to make back up to reality. Have fun smacking the ground at rock bottom idiot.

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There's so much to hate here.

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This is the guy at the truck stop talking seductivly over the CB

I'm in the back corner white Volvo. Have my favorite nighty on.

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the fate of many mulattos

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half a point to the degenerate for smacking down the op for posting them as an example of... well... a different kind of degenerate.