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When you're so fat that you try to tell people you're trans and the only responses you get are "what does it matter," and "when is the last time you've even seen your genitals?"

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I thought being trans meant you were gay but wanted to be the sex that fucked the sex you're attracted to. That would make 'gay trans' like a 'broken repaired' car

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Don’t apply logic to anything these people do

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"...one flew east. one flew west..."

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To be trans wouldn't it need a starting gender to transition from? I can not tell if its XX or XY.

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This is what happens when the boy scouts lets girls join.

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That's one ugly pig.

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Thanks to this fat faggot i now agree with fucking muslims on one thing!

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If there was a purge, I would cave this things skull in third. First would be Adam Sandler, second would be Guy Fieri.

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