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Fat people should be sent to work in manual labour camps until they are no longer fat for their own good.

[–] Feces_the_clown 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

It needs to be hazardous labor. Do you really want to see deflated fatties coming back among the normals like walking scrotums?

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If the weight is lost slow enough, the body should shrink as they lose the weight.

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Nothing says failure as a father as having your daughter become a nigger magnet.

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I'm sorry but if you're fupa is bigger than your tits I don't think you qualify as a big busty woman

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ewwwwwwww triple bitties

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Is the "margins of the porn industry" referring to shit that no one wants to watch even if you paid them to watch it?

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the labels that leave them in the margins of the porn industry

Yeah it's totally just the labels, not the fact that only a handful of weirdos will jerk off to their disgusting bodies. Ffs! How do you get this dumb?

[–] Saufsoldat 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

My thoughts exactly. They're already given extremely euphemistic labels like "BBW". The labels could not be more flattering, it's just their disgusting bodies that are the issue.

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Dicks don't virtue signal. You'll get a few lesbians that want to keep their porn judgment free and SJW but when people wack off they don't care who's oppressing who

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It's almost as if her FUPA is taking a life of it's own...almost...evolving. It's turning into a hardened shell protecting the defenseless beast that resides within it only to keep shoveling everything edible down it's throat hole.

If my hypothesis is correct...the war may be lost.

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Nothing about that disgusting slob is acceptable.

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