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Great-Britain has become a multi-cultural and feminist mess. We can thank their embracing of Zionism for this. They have had pretty lax immigration policies, although they tried to keep out people from the other non-white Commonwealths and from their former colonies, so it could have been worse. London is one massive polyglot mish-mash of madness. I bet the vast majority of the migration has hit cities, like London, Yorkshire, Manchester, and Liverpool quite hard.


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Only west Yorkshire, and the areas hit are possibly the most segregated in the country. Its creating a pretty bad white flight situation and creating pure white towns and estates (cant say Anglo since a lot of poles live in these areas). Theres a slow awakening of what our identity really is in these areas and you always hear rants about "them lot", but theres only so much me and a handful of committed friends can do. England desperately needs an organised true nationalist movement that will commit to grass roots activism and not just focus on internet activism (important but becoming hard). There's currently quite a funny situation going on in an area called page hall in Sheffield. Post 90s Pakistanis had grown to large size and caused so much social issues that white flight happened turning the area pretty much entirely Pakistani. Well fast forward to maybe 2013 and all of a sudden 100s of Roma turned up and started doing exactly what the Pakistani originally did. Now you have these Pakistanis constantly crying to the media that these Roma gangs are attacking them all the time, setting fireworks off, drinking, letting dogs roam and shouting at 3am. i'd rather have neither groups here but just shows even in small numbers if a committed community stands up to these immigrants they fold like paper.

Maybe once brexit is over with people will stop focusing on eastern Europeans and focus on who controls the media and finance and none European immigrants.


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If you look at the demographics of elementary schools it's clear we don't have much time. But rest be assured, even the people that are shovelling liberal bullshit now will come to face the consequences and make a hard nationalist turn. It is up to brave nationalists now to step up and make sure that happens before it is too late.