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What a fucking joke.

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You wanted vibrancy. Now you have vibrancy.

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https://archive.fo/dzg54 :

Unconventional Lord Mayor Magid is dividing Sheffield | Daily Mail Online

'Not mad, but unarguably Lord Mayor Magid Magid represents the face of modern Britain. ', "On a chintzy sofa in the mayor's parlour, under a portrait of the Queen, the Lord Mayor of Sheffield reels off his full title. 'It's His Right Worshipful First Citizen of Sheffield, the Lord Mayor, Councillor Magid Magid,' he explains.", "Very la-di-da. 'Suffice to say, Mayor Magid Magid won't be spending his year in post kowtowing to the great and the good. 'I've already turned down 85, 90 per cent of the stuff I've been invited to.", "You will have to pay for it. 'At a time when so many people are fed up with the lies, incompetence and venality of so many politicians, Mayor Magid Magid is seen — by his fans, anyway — as rather a refreshing change.", "I'd buy the Queen a drink. 'Quite obviously, Magid Magid is not a typical city mayor."

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Why would they add a childhood picture? Weird.