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If Croatia loses does it show white inferiority?

Think you've put too much on burritoball

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Watching sports is a shitty outlet to divert people away from any kind of nationalism that is sensible.

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Substitute tribalism.

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Shut the fuck up you insufferable moron.

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Croatia has a population of ~ 4 million. And they beat countries with populations more than ten times the size of their country.

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Dude it's just fucking soccer...

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It would be cute for croats to win, simply for all the butthurt from cucked countries, but at the end of the day, its a white sport. Played in white countries, in stadiums built by whites, filmed with cameras madr by whites, on televisions made by whites.

Nogs are only allowed to play at all by the grace of whites. There is no "world cup" in asia, or africa.

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South African world cup was disgraceful (vuvuzuelas), as was the 115° Brazilian WC. I hope to jeebus they take it away from Qatar, or someone will die playing.

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Reminder that Croatia was allied with the Axis, and had shown so much fervor that even some Gestapo were nauseated about it:

Increased activity of the bands [of rebels] is chiefly due to atrocities carried out by Ustaše units in Croatia against the Orthodox population. The Ustaše committed their deeds in a bestial manner not only against males of conscript age, but especially against helpless old people, women and children. The number of the Orthodox that the Croats have massacred and sadistically tortured to death is about three hundred thousand.

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Amazing. Where is this quote from? I've recently become very interested in Orthodox Christianity, I notice how much hatred the ideas draw, but never any disproof, but I digress.

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The quote sounds like it's referring to orthodox Jews

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It's from the Wikipedia article on the Croatian fascists, quoting a Gestapo report on the area. Quote and source here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ustashe#cite_ref-60

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I hope they kick the crap out of France, but I don't see it happening.

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This is an example of white superiority I think we can do without.

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How about if the homogeneity allows them to play as a team better since they have something more in common.

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Still not worth paying attention to.

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Soccer doesn't matter to me. Right now I'm watching the largest sporting event in the world, which also happens to be the whitest sporting event in the world -- the Tour de France. I can't tell you how much good it did my heart to see almost 200 white cyclists riding through the towns and villages of Brittany in Stage 5, the streets lined with all white Christians -- I didn't see one black face, or one Arab face. There may have been a few in the crowds but I didn't see any. This part of France is one of the most beautiful parts of the world, and it was made that way by white Christian men over a span of centuries. Fuck the World Cup and its nigger players.

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