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That's right Goyim!

Don't blame the Jews for intentionally planning and following through on destabilizing The Middle-East in order to finish stealing their "Promised Land".

Don't blame Jews for directly advocating that White European Cultures should be destroyed by the endless waves of Rapefugees that are a direct effect of their Middle-East Destabilization.

EVERY Western Nation has Zionist-Jews working within it to force "Multiculturalism" and "Rapefugees" into it's borders ... EXCEPT ISRAEL.



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Well the poor jew crap again, jews use guilt to get what they want for many decades. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4c8FYcKWJzY

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAQqbbzsgMY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8mLdFBz6p0 http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/New-Top-Rabbi-of-Israeli-Army-Its-OK-to-Rape-Non-Jewish-Women-20160712-0024.html and thiers much more proof jews cause more trouble than there worth. Take your crap else where.


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This isn't really defending the jews, but rather an encouragement to look towards yourselves to see how the whites have allowed the jews to destroy them. Keep in mind that without traitorous whites, the jews would be powerless.

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Blaming Jews for our problems is exactly like blacks blaming whites for their problems.

No it isn't. Both blacks and jews want to live in white societies. Whites don't want to live in black countries or Israel - we just want to be left alone. This clearly shows who's a parasite on who.


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Oh, it's that argument again. The big difference is that we aren't blaming Jews for our PERSONAL problems. If I didn't get into University, or I got put in jail for being a degenerate drug addict, that's my fault. A nigger in that place would blame whitey.

Blaming Jews for the bigger problems in the world is entirely legitimate.


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Oh hi Chaim, working late tonight like always!



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This false equivalence comes up every few weeks/months, no doubt by JIDF shills or jew-loving 'christians' (christ hated the pharisees, modern day jews are pharisees)

The jewish plot to destroy White societies are well documented and openly admitted by jews themselves. We blame rightfully blame jews for destroying our societies.

There is no 'White plot' to keep the black man down. In fact the opposite is true and documented: White societies go out of their way and spend billions trying to lift blacks out of poverty through 'positive' discrimination and affermative action.

Black people blame everything from stubbing their toes to getting pulled over for violating the law on 'evil cracker devils' White Nationalists don't blame their little everyday stuff on jews, only the coordinated destruction of their societies.

Black people demand gibs-me-dats, White people just want to be left alone by the parasitical jews. It is literally all we want: LEAVE OUR SOCIETIES AND LEAVE US ALONE! White people will be fine once all the destructive forces are removed from our societies (intentional destructive jews and (un)intentional destructive (sand)niggers)

Yes, the jewish plot is furthered a lot by the existence of 'Shabbos Goy Whites', either ignorant fools who fall for their lies of 'social justice' or evil elites who seek short-term profits over the well-being of their fellow Whites. I often see White Nationalists blaming these race-traitors and I personally loathe them more than the kikes.

But the main guilty party is the jew who seeks to control all nations and end all freedoms, genociding Whites for not willingly going along with their Jew World Order plot.