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From her homepage:

Sono sposata da 17 con Tarek con cui abbiamo formato una vivace famiglia multiculturale.

Tranlated (hope I get it right, don't know Italian):

Married at age 17 with Tarek with whom I built a vivid multicultural family.

Also she works at a position supporting migrants... disgusting.

That's as if anti-virus-company would produce viruses to sell their product...


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You are right:

In Switzerland, the network is managed by Lisa Bosia Mirra, 42, a social worker with 20 years’ experience in helping refugees – mainly and Eritrean and Syrians. Lisa, who is married to an Iraqi refugee, has been working for Swiss NGO SOS Ticino since 2000.


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Don't know if its worst or not. Fucking suicidal idiots.


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This is why allowing women to make their own decisions is a bad idea in general. They never had the evolutionary pressure to think for themselves rationally and most can't.


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At least I didn't read anything about kids, who would want kids in our society, brought up by such crazy people.