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They've already done everything but cancel the vote. The whole Cox fiasco is nothing but the left turning someone's death into political capital -- which they do relentlessly.

But I also saw an interview with an MP that said outright it didn't matter how the people voted. Only Parliament could actually withdraw and if Brexit got 100% of the vote he'd NEVER vote for an exit no matter what.


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Yeah, they kept repeating a phrase to the effect of "we must fight the hate that took her life". Um..... a lunatic took her life. He had a history of mental health issues. They are desperately trying to link him to the Brexit camp.


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All the questions surrounding her death, but within 6 hours they had "found" a receipt from 20 years ago that he bought a gun plan and survivalist literature.

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Absolutely. If this was a Muslim who killed a pro-Brexit MP, we'd be having a field day with it, regardless if the guy had a history of mental problems or not.