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Criticism is welcomed. I'll however take this moment to remind everyone of the rules in the sidebar. They will be enforced. They are there for a reason. If you do not like rules then there's not much we can do about it. But we will enforce the rules of this sub.

I'd also like to point out that this is /v/European not /v/PostWhateverRandomShitYouFindOnTheInternet and we will make sure that the sub is about European issues. So whining about seeing your submission removed for "Not Europe" will not get any traction among the mods. Now all this is self evident for all our old subscribers but for some voat oldfags this seems like a strange concept. But even then it's my experience that these whiners are your typical "nothing is good as long as I can't do whatever the fuck I want" types of people.

The botom line is this to make it perfectly clear to anyone:

  1. We will enforce the rules
  2. We expect everyone who submits or comments here to have read the rules
  3. We don't take our marching orders from someone who comes and tells us how how they "in their personal pet pet peeve kinda a way" think voat is or how a subs should be
  4. This sub existed long before you and it grew from 0 to more than 20 000 people and it's always been moderated the same way. That is a hands off approach as long as the few rules are followed
  5. Since the beginning we've been transparent and implemented our own public modlog and public banlist on reddit. And this was before users such at @go1dfish came along and kindly created the reddit transparency log for any reddit sub to use. So we had to go out of our way to make that happen and we did. Transparency is nothing new to us so stop preaching to us about it.
  6. We also have a long standing track record of listening to our community

I'd also like to get the following off my chest:

Since the day we officially moved to voat I've got these same whiners following me around like some fucking black-lives-matter group being offended by every little mod action taken. And as it's clear that these people will be offended no matter what I say, I might as well skip the polite part. To all of you whiners. Go fuck yourselves.

Finally to all our new non whiny subscribers:

We're really happy to have you and we welcome you to be an active member of our community. If there's anything about the sub or the rules that are unclear ask us mods. If anything non rule related is unclear feel free to ask about that as well or any European oldfag.

Edit: And yes, we will ban people who keep on breaking rules the same way we did before: Mods will decide on length based on offence but first time offender: 7 days maximum ban, second time 30 day maximum, third time offender permanent ban. Breaking site wide rules will always be enforced more severely. The site wide rules of voat prohibit:

  • Intentionally jeopardising the health and safety of others or yourself
  • Sharing sensitive personal information that relates to that person's real world or online identity
  • Encouragement of harm against people

Having talked about bans. We don't want to ban you. We will, as before, always try to give as much slack as possible when it comes to sub rules. And with voat having less SJW trolls posting illegal shit we'll most likely see a drop of 90 % when it comes to bans.


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You're doing fine.

As an outside observer, I would advise to just be cool about it. Getting overly angry about this stuff, doesn't help.

I consider this sub to belong to the community. You guys didn't build it up, it just moved here?

You're just coming off a bit entitled (calling people 'whiny users'). It may seem silly to some of us, but to mod a sub like this is a privilege. All it takes is a few wrong moves, and your community will oust you or leave.

Just a piece of advice from a rando who's seen cocky mods go down. I'm not in your flock though, I have no idea about what the hell r/v/european is.

I could be wrong about voats stance on sub control. v/FPH gets leeway, but I've seen them take action against a mod on a non site owned sub. Pretty sure it's still open to debate.


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They are whiny. I've always said things as they are and I'll keep on doing so. These "voat police" have good intentions but keep on targeting the wrong people.


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Shills gonna shill, move on.

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No theres some legitimate spam...dude going nigger, nigger, nigger. One guy same links over and over. Noit all of those removals are that.

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Hush! You are breaking the narrative!


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breaking the narrative? what you dont fucking grasp of the hypocrisy of having someone with power over you use to quarantine your sub? Then come to a new place and silence people for saying shit you dont like when you have power over them?

I dunno fuckface..Maybe google hypocrisy. Cuz apprently your reading comprehension is lacking. If its critical thinking I dunno what i can do for you.


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yes..reddit silenced you and your whole sub. You come to voat and start silencing people. some of its spam dude going nigger, nigger, over again. yah fuck him even its kitten, kitten, kitten over and over that shits spam. Some of those removed comments are not spam and are not adverts.


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Expect the banned comments and users tabs to go next.

They can't do that with the css. The MODERATION LOGS

[Removed submissions](https://voat.co/v/European/modlog/deleted)
[Removed comments](https://voat.co/v/European/modlog/deletedcomments)
[Banned users](https://voat.co/v/European/modlog/bannedusers)

cannot be removed from view.


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We will see. I would say it would take some time for moderators to get used to this site but I would say they will get used to it.


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You speak is if you were some fucking Moses of voat. Get down a peg or two from that ivory shit ladder you've constructed for yourself.

We adhered to the same principles that are the norm around here even on Reddit. If you're so damn concerned talk to the old subscribers. I can even give you their usernames and ask. But for the love of god stop pretending to be some kind of voat vanguard because you're not.


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Well, actually I am. You, know...person who was here from the beginning and all that. Before name was changed....when there was problem with cancellation of servers..first name was Whoaverse and was made by person from Sweden who lives in Switzerland and is studying in Germany (at least few years ago).

Here, you can find more


I came here because there were problems with r/conspiracy. We were looking for another place...backup. And this was created but we stick around reddit for some time. Not just r/european. We were spreading information around reddit for others to find out. You know why and how...I guess.

If you're so damn concerned talk to the old subscribers. I can even give you their usernames and ask.

I have (probably) an old account. I purged systems few times already and it could be difficult to find it. It is good (safe) practice to purge systems from time to time. And to change identity's often. Also, I would advice you to use linux. Smartphones are real time tracking devices.

I am not quite certain why you have such attitude...You seem a little bit confrontational. I find that strange. You had pretty exhausting few months ? Do you want to talk about it ?