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So what's the difference in the way they are killed?


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You're going to wish you hadn't asked.[NSFL]

This video starts with the modern way of slaughter. Near enough instant.

What follows up is the horror of watching animals screaming as they have the blood drained out of them whilst they are still conscious. You must allow the heart to keep pumping to keep exsanguinate the flesh of the animal. Using modern techniques we use an electrode placed across the heart when the animal is dead. Halal and Kosher don't allow the use of modern techniques.

Honestly, it's horrific, but you should see it once so you have a valid opinion on the matter. But it is horrific and barbaric.

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The captive bolt stuns, but does not kill. Sure, the animal's brain is scrambled, but it must still be bled out.


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sign in to confirm your age shit I see. better link


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Wow. I'll bet all that adrenaline tastes great.