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Seems pretty fair and multicultural-no-borders-one-race doesn't it.

But not only the Saudis won't let them do that, the lefties will kvetch.

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The Saudis would kill anyone attempting to attend a service at their church in their country, and EU would clap their little hands applauding it as diversity or some other bullshit. SA can do whatever the fuck they want, it's not about morality or decency, but about politicians making fat cash on weapons deals.

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Of course it is thats not even the question, its the base.

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I love you Poland.

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Based Poles!!

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Polaks know what the mohammadan are

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In Saudi Arabia the life of a Christian is legally worth "half" the life of a Muslim. Maybe the Poles can ask for half a cathederal?

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Even then I wouldn't allow it.

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That's good to know.

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Hey, it took the Saudis 100 years for them to let women drive, maybe in another 100 years we’ll get a cathedral in Mecca!