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Lol this is what I told Chinese at the University I went to years ago "you think you can stay here because youre smart? No, go be smart in China"

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go be smart in China"

"Buht eet shirry dere!!"

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Their response is more like "but how is the USA going to become China if I leave?"


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As far as I know, no nation has a requirement for their nation to be out of problems before they consider potentially giving aid of any kind to anyone outside of the nation.

I don't know why it would considered anything but rational for a nation that insisted that if they spend X, they get >X back, or they don't spend X.

Likewise, no nation seems to offer incentive to the highest IQ among them to reproduce more, nor incentive to the lowest IQ to reproduce less, but they will do the opposite. This is dysgenics.

Why not require any immigrants to a nation have a higher than whatever the avg IQ is in that nation? Why not require them to be independent, and have as policy that it would be no sooner than third generation before their decendants would be eligible for any type of welfare?

It's almost like all systems have been corrupted to purposefully be dysgenics.

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Let's take the planet BACK from the treasonous liberal shits...and HANG the architects of these policies. I don't care WHO they are. Jews, whites, feminists...(certainly not niggers they aren' that smart)...they don't deserve to draw breath on the same planet as the prudent, responsible people who want THEIR own homeland for THEIR own people.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=dY2R3tIF2kM :

"Go practice politics in Africa. I'm paid to defend Italians" -Salvini - YouTube

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I like this Salvini guy.