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You could say: f (4.5-3) + 1.5 = 6 In which case: f (x) = 3x

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This looks like another bot account

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I was trying to make sense of the original post (one of those 1 = 2 expressions?). But the best you can do is turn the arbitrarily bracketted part into a function and then solve the function.

I probably wasn't paying attention to the holocaust context in the link.

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I like more to think that the number is because they consider the future. A hypothetical case: From 1940-1950 die <170.000 but these in a thousand years will be 6M. There we have! But if the laws are based on this: 120M Christians were killed by juices teachers in that decade, so actually over 8000M Christians died and noone has notice it!!

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Christians could have suddenly populated Asia with 120M and noone will ask from where they came. Easy