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To be clear - Hungary isn't receiving them, they're mostly Albanians using Hungary as a transit path. This is almost certainly being done by the prodding of the rest of the Schengen zone.


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Yes, here is a short explanation I made at another site:

It is not as simple as it seems.

First there is the problem of growth in registered refugees. In the last few years it grew exponentially in Hungary. If they are caught in Hungary, the Hungarian state has to feed them, provide shelter, investigate if they are actual refugees, etc. There are no funds to put them on planes and send them back to their homeland.

Second, Hungary is a transit country, just think about it, if you are inside the Schengen area, where would you prefer to live, even illegally? Hungary or Germany, France, Belgium, etc. Obviously not in Hungary, salaries are simply a lot higher in Western Europe.

Barriers/fences do work, not 100%, but illegal border crossings have been lowered substantially in Greece and Slovakia after they built their own.

Now the problem with the current proposed plan is that it will cover only a fraction of the non-Schengen borders of the country, although the most problematic one. But still, it could be evaded.

The current Hungarian government went down a very populistic road in the last years (heavily taxing the financial sector, making financial institutions to finance the retributions to the victims of an investment scam, lowering energy prices, etc.), that did work for them, and this is simply a new chapter.

TL;DR: The current government is implementing an already tried and partially working method on the most problematic part of their non Schengen border, with questionable future success. But looking back at their past actions, and the fact that the country is still a transit area, the real reason behind it is likely more about domestic popularity gains and not to actually solve a quickly growing problem.


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My point was that Hungary's govt. doesn't even give a shit - they're only doing this to appease the other EU states in the schengen who are horrified at more riff-raff getting in.


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Of all the retarded sht the Hungarian government has come up with recently, this is somewhere near the top.

OTOH, the situation in some places in sourthern Hungary is really bad, and the fucking Commission should finally come up with some actual plan to get immigration into Schengen regulated and in order.

If this is mostly about Albanian migrants: how fucking hard can it be to create some more opportunities in Albania and get that country fixed up to join Europe! C'mon Juncker, stop playing with that crazy Greek government and rather fix important stuff.