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That's a hell of a story. Upvoat.


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https://archive.fo/otyWS :

Book sheds amazing new light on the profound relationship between man and beast | Daily Mail Online

'We called the reserve Thula Thula — ‘thula’ is Zulu for ‘quiet’ — because it suggested peace and tranquillity. '

'But a few years after Lawrence’s death, I met a gentle, silver-haired man called Clément who completely understood what Thula Thula meant to me. '

'On March 1, I was alone at Thula Thula. '

'By the next day, they’d worked out that pushing a nine-metre tree onto the electric fence would cause the wires to short. '

'And there was the entire elephant herd, surrounding my house at Thula Thula. '

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I was listening to the radio the other day. This story came on said this guy had sex with a pony. When asked about it his answer was “Iv always wanted a pony even since I was a little boy”