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And the United States refusing the Paris Accords and not signing on to the climate change agenda makes the US the bad guy. India has a lot to answer for here. Oh wait, the largest 3rd world nation with nukes has no control over its populace. Go figure.clean your god damn Ganges.


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https://archive.fo/6FuCD | :

95% of plastic in oceans comes from just ten rivers  | Daily Mail Online

"Rivers which flow from inland areas to the seas are major transporters of plastic debris but the concentration patterns aren't well known.", "Up to 95 per cent of plastic polluting the world's oceans pours in from just ten rivers, according to new research."

'The top 10 rivers - eight of which are in Asia - accounted for so much plastic because of the mismanagement of waste. '

'Massive amounts of plastic bits that imperil aquatic life are washing into the oceans and even the most pristine waters. '

'Previous research has also suggested two-thirds of plastic comes from the 20 most contaminated rivers. '

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But the problem is American cities using plastic grocery bags, not China and India and Indonesia literally dumping garbage into the water!

C'mon, America, just agree to the damn wealth transfer already!


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Right here in Australia, we banned plastic bags (replaced with a different material that is alike to plastic but IS NOT). Firstly banned in one city and it had great effects to help the environment (no more plastic bags floating around, the major issue in the city was plastic blocking river pipes and ect) now all around Australia must ban plastics too! it's got great effects. This has been since Turnbull was PM in Australia.


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In the US, plastic bags really became a thing when the stores like K-Mart and Wal-Mart came into prominence. Now, everybody uses them. In Chicago they banned plastic bags a few years ago but democratic politicians thought it would be more beneficial (financially) to get rid of the ban and tax people $0.07 per bag (plastic AND paper). I haven't used paper or plastic bags for over a decade, not because I'm some environmental nut but because it's just easier for me to carry in a decent sized canvas bag that I leave in my car. When I get home it takes less time to put everything away and I don't fill up my trash with shitty plastic bags that aren't good for anything.


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Damnn repealing a plastic ban for tax money, that's actually insane. Repealing a plastic ban has never happened here, but we still don't have it in all major states/city, i'm unsure how many more have done this also but it's big on the list for politics. The news won't even acknowledge that my city has been completly plastic free for years, and we are doing fine. We have never had paper bags here tho which is pretty odd but definitely served well in the long term. Not sure if anywhere else in Australia is like that tho. Paper bags is a major contributing factor then I reckon. At first there was controversy here about banning it too, main arguments being 'there's no replacement' & 'It will cost too much'. But my city is still being mentioned as not plastic free - when it definitely is, I have not seen a plastic bag for years and the PM has only been since late 2015. The bags were replaced with what they said was biodegradable and safe for the environment (I'm not exactly sure tho, but they are denser than plastic bags). Costs 30 cents (abt 20 in USD) per but they can definitely be used again as they are nowhere near as breakable as plastic bags. They are pretty damn useless they're in the bin, which everyone here uses plastic bags as bins anyway. It's even encouraging people to just use a regular bag which is even better. So I think maybe, that higher tax on bags is needed, in order to get the quality everyone and the environment deserves - but then there's the paper bag market too. To my knowledge only alcohol stores in my city have paper bags. That's some real commitment you have for doing that for a decade, that is a really tough thing to do to go against the norm but it is a stronger will you have to protect mother nature. Keep pushing for the plastic ban :)