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I'll wear it now, LOL.

But that 10ft makes quite a difference.

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So i have workers at 300ft now explain why I should bother?

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At some point the bolt will reach terminal velocity.
I am curious what hight is needed to reach that.

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Some rough calculations on an 8 inch crescent wrench dropped would have a terminal velocity of 40m/s. That would take over 200 feet less then 300. It should hit with around 1500 lbs on the impact point. Helmets are tested to 1000 lbs so probably split with still lethal force.

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Because if you don't make them wear hard hats and they get killed you'll be blamed. Imagine paying a worker's salary to his widow for the rest of her life, just because you didn't make him wear safety gear that wouldn't have helped anyway. And no argument you can possibly make will ever win a lawsuit against a woman whose husband has just died.

PS. I'm not just talking out of my ass here, I know people this happened to. The company did nothing wrong, but they're the ones who ended up paying.

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Yeah my old supervisor was fixing a plastic injection machine with no gloves and took a shot in the hand. Work wasn't requiring gloves or Goggles back then, so he got easy money in court.

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At the same time the company hands out fall safety gear that does matter and is the cheapest crap they make. It isn't close to the safest, technically doesn't even fill the need, and leaves bruises just from being worn. On top of that safety threatens to confiscate better gear if you bring it because "they won't be aware of recalls".

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Just don't work under scissor lift duh.

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And this is the 30ft structural bolt punch


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fuck off now I wanna play streetfighter

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There is a joke here about using watermelons ;-)

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Nigger jokes aside, they're about 1/10th as dense as an actual human skull and head. This demonstration is meant to scare people when the reality is that it wouldn't be nearly as bad as it looks

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If I remember correctly, the reason watermelons are used as a proxy for humans is that the tension of both their skins is approximate. This is marginally useful at best and doesn't really pertain to the damage that bolt would do to a real human. But it looks good on teevee and using a watermelon gets the point across that getting hit like that would fuck a person up.

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Still wouldn’t want to be hit in the head with a bolt like this. Nope nope! I’ll wear that stupid hat because people are careless and stupid!

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Real shit men should know that women don't have to.