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So it had the following design flaws (not all listed in the article):

  1. Sea water was used in concrete.
  2. The building was made to be department store rather than apartment building and thus there were fewer columns to make room for escalators.
  3. Fifth floor was added which was originally designed to be skating rink.
  4. However, further design changed repurposed 5th floor to have restaurants instead, increasing the weight the flood had to bear.
  5. Since traditional Korean restaurants had floor heating, concrete slab had to be thicker to accomandate water piping, further increasing its weight.
  6. Heavy air conditioning units were installed on the roof.
  7. Columns were spaced further apart than they should.
  8. Columns were made thinner then originally designed.
  9. Columns had only half the amount of steel bars.
  10. Top floor columns were misaligned with columns from other floors.
  11. Drop panels of columns were much thinner than originally designed and in some places, drop panels were missing altogether.
  12. Columns around escalators were further weakened to make room for fire shield safety system.
  13. Steel rebars in concrete slabs were placed deeper than they should have been.

It was a wonder that the store stood for so long. However, the final events that doomed the building were

  1. Relocating roof air conditioning by dragging (or rolling) them across the roof instead of using a crane, resulting cracks.
  2. Vibration from further use of air conditioning that widened the cracks.


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Interesting.. That is exactly what is happening to the DNC in the USA. Why are all of the DNC’s big politicians and financiers turning out to be Pedes, sex abusers, covert homosexuals, felony stock market manipulators and criminal-type people?